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Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking
1 . HangDelay in response to the desire of smoking, such as delaying the search for cigarettes. Should cigarette in hand , do not directly lit , wait at least 5 minutes. Desire to smoke this end will be lost as well. Tell yourself œnantiâ € â € every time you want to smoke .
2 . Attractive Long BreathBreathe with the length at least three times slowly .
3 . Drinking Water With ManyDrink of many waters . Preferably mineral water or warm boiled water . Do not drink caffeine like coffee or tea , because this drink will usually make you want to smoke after drinking .
4 . Makes ADo something that can divert your mind from smoking. For example, sightseeing outings , phone a friend , read a book , play music, make a crossword , gardening and so on .
5 . Chewing SomethingChewing something like chewing gum , carrot, apple and so on . Avoid something sweet like candy ever.
6 . Bathing or Washing HandsShould stay at home, take their bath or wash your hands as often as every time felt like smoking .
7 . Doing Stretching ExercisesPerform stretching exercises every time you feel sleepy because of not smoking .
8 . Applying PrayerAsk a prayer to God to resolve and efforts to quit smoking successfully .

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